Medwell Study

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RS. Immanuel - Bandung, PT. Prodia Diacro Laboratories
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Tanggal Input Registry : 27-09-2022

Progression of HbA1c after the treatment of Medwell digital application in addition to regular diabetic treatment and compared it with only regular diabetic treatment of diabetic subjects.
a. Compliance of physical activities and exercise prescribed by physicians to subjects. b. Compliance of administered drugs prescribed to subjects. c. Progression of BMI and body composition of subjects. d. Progression of blood pressure of subjects. e. Progression of other laboratory measurements related to diabetes mellitus type 2 (blood glucose profile) f. Progression of blood lipid profile of subjects.
Medwell Study
A Randomized Trial of Preventive Care System Application Effectiveness on the Treatment of Diabetic Patients in Bandung
Treatment group: Subject receiving regular diabetes treatment with additional Medwell digital application. Control group: Subjects receiving regular diabetes treatment without additional Medwell digital application.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. Subjects are in the diabetes type 2 status (based on Perkeni standard) 2. HbA1c is 6.5-9% 3. Aged 18 – 60 years old 4. Have compatible smartphone (minimum android 10 or iOS 14) and internet connection 5. Receiving regular diabetes treatment 6. Giving consent and commitment to participate in the study until finish 7. Located in Bandung Area within the treatment period (up to 3 months after receiving the treatment) 8. Subject is determined to be able to complete daily physical activities.

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Pregnant (based on test pack) 2. Participation in other weight loss program 3. Use of other tracking application 4. Having any abnormalities that affecting blood erythrocyte age defined by laboratory examination 5. Have other severe diabetic complications that prevent subjects from participating in the prescribed program (Such as stroke, cardiac diseases (CHF stage III-IV), COPD or asthma with acute exacerbation and other respiratory diseases, peripheral artery disease, CKD stage 3-5) and other severe diseases that by the investigator's judgment, could not participate in this study
71/A01/EC/IX/2022 dated 15 September 2022
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